Make Your Own Baby Clothes!

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Published: 27th August 2010
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Funky baby clothes are always cute and trendy, no matter the design - the trouble is that sometimes those cute funky clothes can cost an arm and a leg. With a little craftiness, you can turn your baby's boring onesies into a trendy shirt, or you can go crazy with a sewing machine and make your own funky baby clothes!

There are plenty of websites out there that provide guidance, ideas, and patterns to help you make your own funky baby clothes. The easiest thing to do is to take that plain white onesie and dye it another color, or even tie dye it! Add some flair by using freezer paper and paint to make a stencil (if you have older kids the stencil idea is a great way to turn their artwork into something they can wear). Or you can find special printer paper that turns whatever you print into an iron on image (sometimes the color is what you want it to be but if you have the latest and greatest computer it might, or you can get some really great results by printing in black and white).

For a bit more of a challange you can try appliques. These are done by a machine or by hand and basically all you have to do is sew shapes onto a shirt or some pants after ironing them on with fuseable web fabric. If that's too much of a challange, you can do iron on appliques - which you can find at craft stores.

After stenciling and appliques you might find yourself ready to try some actual sewing. One of the easiest projects is pants. Made-By-Rae has a great pattern for babies' pants that are nice and roomy in the tush for diapered bottoms. Her free patternhas options for different cuffs, or ruffles on the rear. There is also a pants patterns on Etsy that is adorable with pockets. Both patterns would pair nicely with the Onesie or T-Shirt you made earlier.

Once you ready to graduate from pants nad painting, you can move onto tops, dresses and skirts. There are alot of simple patterns for these that you can change the length of to suit you. Tops with sleeves are a bit harder, but if you make a sleeveless dress you can use it in the warm months alone then add a onesie underneath when it starts to cool off.

Twirly skirts are really popular with little girls, as are pettiskirts. They are really easy to make and if you make them a little longer with a stretchy waistband they can be worn into todderlhood and possibly longer!

Once you have feel like you have a good grasp on the basic sewing skills, you can try some really adorable, super funky, totally hip baby clothes, and you'll be so proud your baby is wearing something you made yourself, and happy you saved some money in the process!

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